Foundation for North American Wild Sheep

Alberta Chapter

2008 Annual General Meeting - Seminars

10:00 AM - Mike Jokinen: Yarrow - Castle Bighorn Study, Final Report

10:45 AM - Kyle Knopff, U. A Phd: Central East Slopes Cougar Study Update

11:20 AM - Aliah Knopff, U. of A. Masters: Cougar / Human Interaction Project

12:00 Lunch Break

1:15 PM - Bazil and Sue Leonard, Willmore Wilderness Foundation: Latest updates on Parks Issues associated with loss of hunting, trapping, etc.

2:00 PM - Nate Webb, U. of A Phd: Central East Slopes Wolf Project (New)

2:30 PM - Mark Boyce, Professor, U. of A.: Interesting Project Updates - CWD, Cyprus Hills Cougar, etc.

3:00 PM - Kyle Knopff and Nate Webb: Demos and tips on backpack hunting and camping
(Avid Backpack Hunters)

Coffee will be provide throughout the sessions.